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Next Festivals in the area are;

Spin’ a Prop Gathering at Jackson Ranch, The Dalles, Oregon

This is a skill-share and knowledge exchange gathering for all levels of prop manipulators. All props welcome 🙂
This gathering will also display construction and art workshops for those interested in learning how to build a cabin or large scale art installation. Participants will get to experience 2 full days and nights of amazing workshops that include: Poi, Hoop, Staff, Double Staff, Levistick, Juggling, Cabin Construction, Art, Yoga, Bellydancing…and more! There will also be performances, fire spinni…See More

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Thursday 13th Mar 2014, 12:00 – Sunday 16th Mar 2014, 17:05

The following week is Damento Juggling Festival 2014;

The next Damento Festival will take place on March 21-23, 2014 at the Davis Sr. High School. We are currently preparing for the festival – please contact us through our facebook group if you would like to help.

The Moisture Festival is Coming March 20th-April 13th

While not a juggling festival, the Moisture Festival is a festival of comedy and variety shows that does showcase jugglers. The current list of jugglers that will be performing at this years festival includes;

The Passing Zone
Freddy Kenton
Kellin Quinn
Rhys Thomas
Plus some others yet to be announced.

Please check it out. Show tickets are $10-$20. They are always looking for volunteers to help usher (door babe is their term for it), and act as security, has well has back stage help with things like stage hand and a driver to get performers to and from the venues, has well has a number of other things.

Please check it out

Welcome to the New Site

I have been hard at work bringing up to date and adding functionality and this is the result. A brand spanning new WordPress based site that will add a more interactive element to the site. I am hoping to add a lot more soon.