Here are a number of our favorite links to juggling related sites;
NOTE: Most of these relate to club passing because that is what we tend to do a lot of and we are always looking for new patterns to try.

Juggling Information and Other Juggling Club sites

International Jugglers’ Association

European Juggling Association

The Juggling Edge – mostly a juggling discussion list with group and event listings.

The Passing Wiki – passing patterns site

The Passing Database – passing patterns site

Madison Area Jugglers – The group in Madison,WI which has a very good passing patterns PDF available for download

Aerial Mirage Jugglers – they are the Phoenix, AZ group. This link goes directly to their passing patterns list. – a site about hat trick.

The Juggling Information Service – the grand-daddy of all juggling internet sites. It has not been updated in many years but the basic information is still valid.

Passing Patterns Compendium – this is a link to a PDF file containing a large selection of passing patterns.

Juggling Prop Manufacturers

Dube – New York based prop manufacture since the 1970’s

Renegade Juggling – California based prop manufacture. They sponsored the first late night open mic juggling shows at the IJA convention in 1988, and they have been known has Renegade Shows ever since.

Henry’s – German manufacturer of juggling props. If you wish to purchase any of these props you are better off going to Air Traffic (see below) has they are the exclusive importer of Henry’s props in the US.

Play Juggling – Italian manufacturer’s of the PX3 line of juggling clubs and other jugging props. These are available from several US dealers listed below.

Higgins Brothers – Canadian manufacturer of inexpensive (with quality to match) juggling props.

Oddball Juggling – US father and son team that make some very good juggling balls.

Gballz – US man with a sewing machine that turns out some of the best bean bags in the world.

Flying Clipper – US manufacturer that started out making footbags but found that they scaled up to juggling bean bags very well.

Juggling Prop Dealers

Seattle Juggling & Magic Shop – local Seattle shop carrying Play Juggling props.

Neon Husky – Oregon based mail order prop shop. Specializing in light-up toys.

Serious Juggling – the juggling prop store in Portland, OR.

Air Traffic Kites & Games – a small toy store chain in Minnesota. They are the exclusive direct importer of Henry’s juggling equipment in the US. Many other stores sell Henry’s equipment but they all buy it through Air Traffic.

Juggling Store – US base store that sells all kinds of juggling props.

Instruction for building your own props

A pattern and instructions for sewing your own cube shaped bean bags can be found here. articles has a good set of instructions for build clubs based on The Green Club Project and one on making squishy balls using balloons.

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  1. A note about building your own props from a long time (30+ years) juggler:
    When looking materials to fill bean bag remember that natural fillers (seeds, rice, etc..) tend to attract pest to your juggling props. I have personally lost props to both mice and bugs, not a pleasant experience in either case.

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