Basic 4 Man Passing Patterns

Rotating Y

This is a classic 4 man moving pattern. At full speed this is a 4-counts per beat pattern. However it can be done at any count with which you comfortable, but anything below 3-count and you will not have time to move from one position and the next. You can also slow things down by passing multiple times in each position. I recommend when learning the pattern with a new group you use a 4-count with 2 throws in each position.
The direction in which the passers walk around each other in important. While is can be done in either direction, moving counter-clockwise means that when you step into the center position you are passing to the person you are walking toward (clockwise make you walk toward one person an pass to the other, mentally more difficult). RotatingY



This is the same has the Rotating Y except in this pattern only one pair of passers shift to the next position at each beat.
To help keep track which pair is moving, name each pair and call the name of the pair that is moving next the pass before they move (in Seattle we use the names “Us” and “Them”).




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