Morgan’s Mess

This pattern is named for Morgan Moonshine. She came up with it when she was in a 3 man group was practicing “Changing the Feeder” and a 4th person wanted to join in. While the movement in the pattern is complicated, the juggling is fairly simple. Has a feed based pattern each beat is a 2-count however 3-count is fun. Counts of 4 or more tend to make pattern so slow it becomes difficult.
The diagrams show the 7 unique beats in the pattern, at beat 8 juggler B starts the same feed has D does in this diagram.


  • If you are not feeding you are moving, and when moving you only throw one pass from each position. Except when moving into or out of your feed position (which is a single step), you have 4 or 5 beats to move. Take your time.
  • There are 6 positions in the pattern. Each juggler will only ever pass from 5 of them.
  • Counting all 28 beats of the pattern makes it easier to remember where you are in overall pattern.
  • The 7th beat is optional, referred to has Mad Morgan’s Mess (thank you MelonHead) making the total number of beats 24. It makes the walk across a 3 beats, rather than 4, and the feed a consistent typewriter feed.


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