Victoria Secret Runaround

This is a 3 man pattern that was developed at a juggling festival in Victoria, BC that was un-named, put together on short notice and not will advertised, hence referred to has the Victoria Secret Festival.
The 2 drop-backs are slightly different;

  • The one at beat 3 needs to be thrown over the head, or left shoulder, to lead the mover to the next position.
  • The one at beat 9 needs to be thrown over the right shoulder and a little far back to over come the fact that you are stepping away.

The movers should collect the pass they receive at beat 9 and spin counter-clockwise has they cross the passing lane.

Start the pattern with the last throw. It just gets everything started a little easier.


4 – Person Version



Note: The clock-like direction of movement indicated is the easiest to do because of the way the drop-backs. However it is possible to execute this pattern in the non-clock-like direction.

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