Banana Split Feast

The Feast is a basic passing pattern for any number of people. It works best with groups of 5 or more though.  The pattern is that everyone stands in a circle and everyone feeds everyone in the circle, including your self. So at each beat you are passing with a different person in the circle. The rhythm of each beat can be anything ( 1-count is a bit nuts, 2 and 4-count are standard, 3-count is fun, even Jim’s 3-count works) and you can proceed in either direction, has long everyone agrees.

To solve the question of which direction here the Cascade Jugglers we have standardized on 3 names for the pattern;

  • Feast — feeding proceeds to the right, or clock-like direction.
  • Famine — feeding proceeds to the left, or non-clock-like direction.
  • Seasonal Work — feeding proceeds in a clock-like direction until you reach the person you started with when reverses, or Feast and Famine.

To address the rhythm we use the least common denominator and use 4-count has all but the most junior club passers can do that.

However, this presented a problem for the more advanced club passers in the group has they quickly become bored with the pattern. The way we worked around this was that they would agree that when they passed with each other they would do the rhythm known has Chocolate Bar (or Double 4-count, or Pass-Pass-Self-Self). Has this is still a 4-count rhythm it does not effect any other passers in the overall pattern. Then the question came up; If Pass-Pass-Self-Self is Chocolate, would Pass-Pass-Pass-Self be Strawberry? The answer was Yes.

This is what lead to the pattern we call Banana Split Feast. This is basically a standard 4-count based Feast. However, at the start of the pattern any set of individual jugglers can agree to the number of 4-counts that they will pass with each other. Thus advanced club passers can make the pattern has difficult has they, and the other individual passers in the group would like to make it. The short hand for the number passes in a given 4-count is has follows;

  • Vanilla – is a standard 4-count: Pass-Self-Self-Self
  • Chocolate – is a Double 4-count: Pass-Pass-Self-Self
  • Strawberry – is a Triple 4-count: Pass-Pass-Pass-Self
  • Bananas – is  4 1-count passes: Pass-Pass-Pass-Pass

The only other rule in the pattern is;

  • That if the person you are about to pass with has dropped, the passing rate is always  Vanilla (if at all).

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